Salsa Cubana - beginner level:

Here you don't have to know anything to start this class. In the classes you will learn the basic steps in salsa, movement and also the most easiest figure.

Salsa Cubana - intermidiate level:

If you know to the basic of salsa and have a good rhythm understanding/awareness. Here the classes will work with improving your bodywork, style, and learning new interesting firgures. 

Salsa Solo:

For everybody,, who wants to dance without a partner. Here the classes will practice salsa steps, movment and charisma.

Rueda de Casino:

For everyone who already is familiar with salsa. There will be teached firgures which you can dance in a ring/groups with chaning partners. This is the most popular form of salsa in Cuba, it is fun and life-affirming.

Important - shoes: because of the floor in the dance hall, may the only be used shoes with a soft soles, which is not rubs off (For example, sports shoes or dance-sneakers)

Bring along some water or what ever you feell like to drink.

  Demis Salsa Cubana